the Alien!

What's an alien invasion film without an alien? Well, just an invasion film I guess - but we needed an alien!

As this is meant to be very '50's B-movie in feel, we wanted practical effects. Not a puppet or stop-motion but a person in a costume. This is also meant to be a B-movie so we weren't after outdoing Geiger's Alien but a good old-fashioned green-skinned bug eyed humanoid.

Casting (literally)

The plaster head. Not perfect, but good enough.

Getting ahead of ourselves

Count the eyes

The Director lends a hand

The gloves were made from pipe insulation, cut and covered in duct tape.

Although this was "low ammonia" latex, we still smelled like crazy cat people.

Hand-made tale.

It aint easy being green

The head back from being sprayed stops in the office.

Detail work.

Getting the eye socket done.

Getting there...

The finished head, before being attached to Jana

Surrender, puny humans!

A reason to celebrate!

The Demise of the Alien

2019-08-24 Dismantling the alien - corrected.mp4

With shooting complete - on an extremely hot day - Jana is finally released from the alien make-up!