Join us!

Why be a member?

Members can participate in all our club activities and are able to use our equipment. Our main activities consist of film making projects and skill development workshops. The external workshops that we have held on a variety of topics (sound production, camera operation, film acting and drone operation).

Any of our members can suggest projects and workshops.

If you want to be a member please follow the steps below and transfer your membership fee to our bank account (details below).

Membership is also required for participation in club activities, and insurance for any accidents.

Qualifying for membership

The SSCC has three types of membership, internal, external, and affiliate.

The chart below will help you decide which category you fall under. The only practical differences are in the membership annual fee value and the fact that External and Affiliate members do not qualify for any club subsidies for participating in activities.

If none of the above apply to you, you are considered an 'Affiliate' member.

Our annual fees are as follows:

Internal member 35€

External member 40€

Affiliate 40€

Junior member (under 16 years of age) 20€

To become a member, please go to the mySSCC portal and subscribe, see below.

Subscribing to the SSCC is mandatory for all members. The SSCC provides a lot of the funding for ETG activites, and this funding is based on how many members we have.

It is a very simple process and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

1 - Go to the mySSCC website

2 - Hit the 'Register' button

3 - Fill in all the relevant fields (if you have an esa/eumetsat e-mail, please use that one) and press ' Register'

4 - Once you have access to your account, navigate to 'Update My Account' option (see below)

5 - In the Update section fill in the missing information (Option 1,2 or 3 depending on the options below and your phone number):

- If you are an ESA/Eumetsat Internal/External member (you work for ESA/Eumetsat, for one of the contributing companies or for one of the non-contributing companies, select your company under the Option 1 menu. If you are not sure of your company is contributing or not, you can find this list here.

- If you are an Affiliate (no affiliation with ESA, Eumetsat or any of the Contracting companies), select 'Affiliates' under the Option 1 menu. Additionally we kindly ask you to fill in the 'About Me' section to give the SSCC some information regarding yourself (for example, I am involved in this production, I have been a member for x years, etc)

- If you are a family member of an ESA/Eumetsat Internal/External person things are slightly more complicated:

- If the spouse/partner/parent who is working for ESA/Eumetsat/Contracting company already has a mySSCC account, then you can fill in Option 2 or Option 3 with the e-mail used by him/her to create their mySSCC account

- If the spouse/partner/parent who is working for ESA/Eumetsat/Contracting company does not have a mySSCC account, he/she has to subscribe to mySSCC first (ask them to follow points 1 to 6).

6 - Hit the update button (now the SSCC will know what is your membership status, i.e. internal, external or affiliate)

7 - Request the membership to the ESOC Theatre Group by navigating to 'Request Membership' as shown below

In the 'Club' menu, select 'Film Academy'

Press Submit.

8 - Transfer the membership fee by bank transfer to the following account, using 'your name membership fee' as the reference:

Account Name: ESOC Film Academy

IBAN: DE88 6609 0800 0000 7844 51


9 - Once the transfer has been confirmed the ETG Committee will confirm your mySSCC subscription and you will be a member of the Film Academy.