Micro Film

ESOC Film will be holding their second fast film-making event from 19.06 to 02.07. This is an event where teams create short films in two weeks based on a given challenge. You can see the results of our previous event here: @Time at the Bar, @ A Date With Death. 

So what does this involve?

On the first day, participants will be split into groups, keeping a balance of actors and crew, and will then be issued a challenge. They then have two weeks to plan, shoot and edit a short film. Nobody is expected to attend every day, and most of the planning tends to be done online when participants find time. At the end of the two weeks, we watch the films together and give some friendly feedback. If you want to have a go at filmmaking or try a role you've not done before, this is the event to do it in.

The aim of the project is to have some fun, meet people with a common interest and make movies!

If you're interested, fill in this form Micro Film Form. Sign-up deadline on Mon 12.06.2023.

Challenge schedule (tentative):

Mon 19.06. - kick-off meeting (virtual)

Mon 19.06. - Sun 25.06. - week 1> Writing, preparation and shooting (teams will likely shoot on the weekend of 24-25.06.)

Mon 26.06. - Sun 02.07. - week 2> post-production.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us at: esoc.film.academy@gmail.com   

See you soon!