One-Week Film Making

We're going to run our first One-Week Film Making session in February. This is open to everyone, not just club members.

What it is:

We meet up, get given a topic and then have one week to make a short film. It doesn't have to be to the highest standard but the idea is to help people find their confidence in film making by working together on a short project where they can try something new. Never used the camera before? Want to try acting or directing? This is the place to try it out.

How we will run it:

Wednesday 15th February 20:30 - we meet up online and The Producer issues a film making challenge. It won't be anything too difficult as it's our first time. If we have more than seven participants then we will split into teams. We'll try to be sure each team has a fair mix of technical and acting members. The idea is that if teams get too big, there's a risk some people's voices don't get heard. Also, a bit of competition is fun!

It's then up to the Teams how they organise the week, but we suggest:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (pre-production) - Teams communicate (by email, WhatsApp, chatroom, local pub, carrier pigeon, telepathy, whatever) to work out their story, gather props and equipment - all the usual pre-production stuff. We all still have to work, so whenever you can all find time. And, although we split into teams, you can still recruit more people into your team, or even work in multiple teams if you're really keen.

Saturday and Sunday (production) - We figure most people will have at least a few hours free on the weekend so you'll probably film then. Have fun, try something new and don't be afraid of making a mess of it! 

Monday and Tuesday (post-production) - do the editing.

Wednesday 22nd February 12:00 (release) - deliver your film to us to be uploaded to our YouTube Channel as a private video. We won't release it any further without your consent and will delete it after if requested.

Wednesday 22nd February 20:30 - we meet up online to watch the films! We give some friendly feedback on how we all did and on how to improve the event for next time.

So if you want to join in, send an email to and tell us:

As this is the first time we've organized this, we'll have a bit of learning to do on the way. We aim to put up some posters and get it on our website but it will take a bit of time. If you're able to help out with the organizing, Please contact us at