the exteriors!

The news reports were shot on one day in Frankfurt, while all the other exterior shots were done on one long, hot day in September 2019

Shooting outdoors

Women (not) laughing

Woman laughing alone with camera.

Note the high-tech space-age solution to the camera overheating in the sun...

Woman laughing alone with fan.

Essential equipment for a very sunny shoot.

Woman not laughing.

Once put on, the make-up (or costume) could not be removed. Jana only survived the very long, hot day by sipping cold beer through a straw.

Sound technicians and their acrobatics

Sound recorder Gerald Ziegler

(Some of) The cast

Dominik Marszk played Tony.

Kiri Wood played aunt Jen.

Coping with the heat

It was a long, hot day!

(some of) The crew

Editor Paolo Zuccolini

The director and editor go through the shot list at the end of the day, to make sure nothing was forgotten.