the Interiors!

Aunt jen's apartment

'Aunt Jen's' apartment was actually Producer Andy Johnstone's place; he graciously allowed us to redecorate, adding details like the framed posters and even the television!

Every scene in the apartment - which looks like it's lit with ordinary daylight - was artificially lit, so that every shot would be consistent.

Excalibur horse shampoo, as seen in Aunt Jen's fridge. Don't ask.

Also, don't Google.

When Jen and Tony are watching the news report, there's not only nothing on the television - there's no television.

This is how we simulated the light from the television, complete with the flashes from the press conference.

Framed posters in Aunt Jen's apartment.

The right-hand one features Jana being menaced by the alien - as played by herself!

Producer Andy demonstrates how we got the toast to pop up on cue!

Sound editor Robin Steel

the press conference

The press conference was filmed at ESOC, with the kind permission of ESOC Security!

Free hugs! Not many takers...

The Alien was approached with caution!

The beaming-out effect was added later, as the ESOC Press centre is not yet equipped with a Transporter.

"Hi mom!"

"... and one more beer with a straw in it... and a glass of prosecco... and could someone make a toast puree for me?"

The eye was removable for some level of comfort between takes.

As is typical with actors, Jana's hands were not deemed film-worthy and a hand-model was used for the detail shots.

Note the silver neck brace under the costume.

Jana suffered a neck injury in a car accident a few weeks prior and actually needed the brace to be able to support her giant head.