How to book equipment:

  1. Look through the equipment list to see what we have and what you want.
  2. Look at the calendar to see if the equipment is available on the dates you want.
  3. Email the equipment officer with your request.
  4. The equipment oficer will put your reservation in the calendar and work out a convenient time for you both to collect/return the equipment from ESOC.

Some points on borrowing equpment:

  • Only members can book equipment and if you've signed for it, then it's your responsibility to look after it. You can let another person use it, but you are ultimately responsible.
  • Check it when you collect it. Look for any signs of damage or missing components - missing SD cards are the main ones.
  • Speaking of SD cards, it's best if you have your own. Anything left on a club SD card can be erased by the next user. They also tend to go missing - not theft - just people can get a bit excited in getting their footage in to their computer and then forget to put the SD card back.
  • Report any damage or loss immediately. Some of our more expensive items are insured but there are clauses in the policy such as not leaving items in a car overnight. We will put out a more detailed description in the future. Other items, such as the action cameras, may be considered to be semi expendible. They can be used for more risky shots but please don't break them deliberately!
  • If you think that we need any additional equipment, tell us. Smaller purchases can be made quite quickly. More expensive items such as cameras, computers, drones, etc. would likely need input from the club members and for the committee to request additional funding.